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4 x Trap Pedal Rubber Feet with Screws

4 x Trap Pedal Rubber Feet with Screws

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4 rubber feet with 10mm long screws that are perfect for adding some protection and stability to your Ghostbuster trap pedal.

These are intended for a custom made pedal. We have not attempted to install them on a shop bought trap pedal.

We have used these for our own 3D printed pedal bases but the tapered wood screws supplied should work with plastic or wood that has been pre-drilled. If you are using metal sheet on wood, you'll just need to drill a larger hole in the metal for the screw shaft to reach the wood unhampered.

The screws supplied are size M3 x 10mm and they wont penetrate through to the other side of the base unless it's depth is very thin/wrong. Always measure first to be sure.

(The trap pedal in the photo is not included.)
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